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                                             RUSS0000       │            │            │
                                                │        WOOD0350     CONL0000     GERR0000
                                             FULL0000       │
  ┌──────────┬───────────────────┬──────────────┬─────────┬─┴─────────┬──────┬──────┬─────────┬─────┬────────────┬─────┐  (Others)
  │          │                   │              │         │           │      │      │         │     │            │     ├──ADSO_XXX   
  │          │               JAEG0000       KNUT0350  LUPI0440    PLAT0550GILL0350 VMCM0350 JAZE_XXX   LONG0500 ├──ANAL_XXX
EKMA0350  BLKT0350          ┌────┴─────┐        │         │           ├──┐   │  ┌───┴───┐  ┌──┴───┐ │            │     ├──ANON0700
  │   ┌──────┼────┐     HUNT0000 CALH0000   ODWY0350      │           │  │   │  │       │  │      │ │            │     ├──APPL0350
  │   │      │    │         │          │         ┌────────┼────────┐  │  │   │ KING0350 │  │   BECK0500          │     ├──AUST_XXXSUPN0350BREE_XXX WITH0000       │         │        │        │  │  │   │          │  │    ┌─────┬────┬─────┤     ├──BUTT_XXX
  │   │      │         ┌────┴───┐      │      ARNA0440 ODWY0440 ARNA0660 │   │    GIBI0375 │    │     │    │     │     ├──CCS__XXX
  │   │   GOET0350  WITB0000 DEAR0000  │                            |    │   │          │  │ OSKA0501LONG0751 │     ├──CRAY0350 
  │   ├─────────┬────────┬───────┐     │                  ┌─────────┤    │ WOOD0430   GRAY0375        │          │     ├──DAVI0350	
  │   │         │        │       │     └──────┐        KINA0660 ARNA0770 │   ├──────┬─────┬─────┐  IIT_0500   LONG0551 ├──FLEI0350TICM0350 SCOP0366 BLAC0350 PLOT0350       │                     │    │   │      │     │     │     │          │     ├──JAME_XXX
  │   │         │            ┌───┼───┐ ┌──────┼───────┐         BALL0770KIND0430MUNK0430ANON0501   ANON0551 ├──GASI0350
  │   │         │            │   │   │ │      │       │                  │          │           │        ┌───────┤     ├──GERA_XXXKINT0350 LIDI0366  (HOLL0350)│RASM0350 POHL0350 MAYO0350CARM0430    LOBO0430     │       │     ├──HART0350
  │                              │    │       │                          │                           MCDO0551 PICT0551 ├──HOWE0301BENH0350 BELD0350 │                          │                               │       │     ├──JACM0350
  │       ┌────────┬────┬────┬─────┬─────┬────┼────┐ ┌──────────────────>│<──────┬─────┬────┬─────┬──────┤       │     ├──JACO0365
  │       │        │    │    │     │     │    │    │ │                   │       │     │    │     │      │       │     ├──KFML0700IBBO0000 FENY0350KENN0000LUMM0350HALL0501                 │       │     │    │     │      │       │     ├──LETW0350
  │                     │    └───┐ │     │    │                          │       │ OLSS0551MILL0551  │       │     ├──MALM0350
  ├─────────┐        COX_0350   WHIN0450HELL0350                      ├─────┐ │          │            │       │     ├──MANO_XXX
  │         │           │                │    │                          │     │ │          │            │       │     ├──MUNO0370
BAGG0350 KINE0350    ADAM0350        HAMO0350 │                          │   VANE0560    KINM0551     ODWY0551   │     ├──NELD0350
  |                                        DAIM0350                 ┌────┴─────┬─────┬─────┬─────────────┬─────┐ │     ├──PALT0350
NELS0350                                                            │          │     │     │             │     │ │     ├──QUES_XXX
  ├──────┬─────┬────────┬───────┬────────┐                       WELL0550  STAD0550ARNA0550          │     │ │     ├──RICH0500 
  │      │     │        │       │        │                          │                │ ┌───┴───┐     GOET0550 PICT0701 ├──RUTE0350
TESS0350WALT0350 BALD0350 PLON0350 PENN0350ODWY0550 KIND0550 ┌────┴─┐     │     ├──SLOA0350
   ┌─────┼─────┬────────┬───────┬────────┐                          │                               │      │  PICT070+ ├──SOLO0350
   │     │     │        │       │        │         ┌───────┬────────┼──────┐ (PLOT0350)        DOVE0550 GOET0565       ├──
NKMP0350DIAZ0350 ARNO0350 PONT0350 ROBB0350     │       │        │      │    │                     ┌────┴───┐       ├──UCLA0365
   ┌─────┴─────┬────────┬───────┬────────┐     KINW0550 ARD_0550 STRO0550 HOLL0350                 GOET0580 BHCH0565   ├──WONG0350
   │           │        │       │        │                                                            │        │       ├──YONG_XXX 
RAMS0350   STAN0350 ROGE0350 MCGR0350 STAN_XXX                                          ┌─────────────┤        │       ├──JONE0210
                                                                                     MALM1000     STAD0580  BHAV0565   ├──HARR0235
                                                                                   ┌────┴────┐                         ├──EVIS0350
                                                                                   │         │                         ├──MCGU_XXX
                                                                                GOLD1000 STAN1000                      └──MOMA_XXX

Versions and Ports of Adventure known to exist

An expansion of Russel Dalenberg's "Versions and Ports of Adventure known to exist".
Superscripted texts in [brackets] are footnote references. The table is sortable; just click on a heading to sort by that column.

Name Description Language Platform Author Year Download
ADAM0350COX_0350 "adapted for AMC.COM".[RA] PHP Online Rick Adams 2014 Play online / Moby Games entry
ADSO_XXXPublished by Adventure Software. Known only from an entry at Spectrum World. Parentage unknown. ZX Spectrum 48K 1987 None known
ANAL_XXX"Analog Adventure", by ANALOG Software, published by Atari for the Atari 400/800. (C) 1981, apparently written in Atari Basic. Atari Basic Atari 400/800 ANALOG Software 1981 Info only
ANON0501AKA Adventure 5.2/2. "Prime FORTRAN extension of IITa0500"[D2] (or LONG0500?) FORTRAN Anonymous 1979 IF Archive
ANON0551AKA Adventure 6. ANON0551 is controversial. [D2] has it in place of LONG0551, calling it a "VAX FORTRAN extension of LONG0500". PICT0551 suggests a Long/anon co-authorship. [OD1] argues Anon was McDonald himself.[HA] Kinder suggests Long+Anon[KD].FORTRAN Anonymous 1985 None known
ANON0700"IBM mainframe version".[D2] IBM mainframe Anonymous 1981 None known
APPL0350Apple Adventure, "a complete version of the original adventure, written by Don Woods and based on Will Crowther's idea." Apple 1980 None known
ARD_0550Mac version "based on the Unix C version by Ken Wellsch [WELL0550]"[IF]. C Macintosh Anthony C. Ard 1991 IF Archive
ARNA0440Restoration and "Fortran-77 port of LUPI0440"[D2], aka Adventure II FORTRAN Mike Arnautov 2001 Arnautov
ARNA0550"built from Dave Platt's Honeywell A-code source dated September 18, 1984."[AR] A-Code Mike Arnautov 2001 Arnautov
ARNA0660aka Adventure4+. A "merger of ... Adv440 (Luckett and Pike) [LUPI0440] and Adv550 (Platt) [PLAT0550]"[AR] Mike Arnautov 1995 Arnautov
ARNA0770"This superset of the original Adventure incorporates my Adv660 [ARNA0660] expansion"[AR] A-Code Browser, Linux, Mac, Windows Mike Arnautov 2006 Arnautov
ARNO0350"German translation ... Based on Z-code port by Graham Nelson [NELS0350]."[IFW] Toni Arnold 1998 IFWiki
AUST1100Level 9's "Colossal Adventure" for Amstrad, Atari, BBC, Commodore, ZX Spectrum, etc. Apparently an expansion of the "original" Adventure. Amstrad, Atari, Commodore, more. Peter, Nick & Mike Austin 1982 Moby Games entry / BBC / C64 1 / C64 2
BAGG0350TADS port "converted from Donald Ekman's PC port [EKMA0350] of the original FORTRAN source".[BA] Z-Code Inform David M Baggett 1993 DOS / TADS
BALD0350Recompile of NELS0350 under Glulx with toolbar.[IFA] Z-Code Inform Simon Baldwin 1996 IF Archives
BALL0770Port of ARNA0770 (aka Adv770) to iOS, by Brian Ball.[iAS] Brian Ball 2015 iOS App Store
BECK0500UCSD Pascal port of, possibly, WOOD0350 with extensions taken from JAZE_XXX[BE]. Pascal Ted Beck Z80Pack website
BELD0350A port or recompile of RASM0350 for the Amiga and Atari ST. Amiga, Atari ST Tony L. Belding 1987 / 1992 Moby Games info
BENH0350A reimplimentation of PLOT0350 as a Windows batch file.[DB] Windows batch Windows Dave Benham 2013 Download
BHAV0565MS-DOS Windows console-mode port of BHCH0565[BH]. In a private email, Bhavnani has described this as an "exact repro" of GOET0565. Ravi Bhavnani 2000 Ravi's site
BHCH0565VMS rewrite and expansion, probably of either PLAT0550 or GOET0550[BH]. No known source; not available at Ravi's site. VAX (VMS) Ravi Bhavnani & Marc Chardon 1987 None known
BLAC0350Microsoft Fortran port of SUPN0350[BL]. MS FORTRAN DOS Kevin B. Black 1987 Source / DOS exe / Moby Games entry
BLKT0350Fortran IV Plus port of WOOD0350[D2][BK][SU] FORTRAN PDP 11/70 (IAS) Kent Blackett 1977[BK] None known
BREE_XXXPort of BLKT0350 to "OMSI PASCAL V1.2 running under RSX11M V3.2 BL26 on a PDP 11/23."[BR] Barry C. Breen 1980 Source
BUTT_XXX"A condensed port of Adventure"[BU] (aka Colossal Cave) for the C64 and Commodore Pet. Jim Butterfield IF Archive
CALH0000"BDS/C update of JAEG0000"[D2] "Trivial" modifications to Jaeger to compile under BDS-C 1.43.[CA] L. C. Calhoun 1985 CP/M Archives
CARM0430EC Software Consulting's "translation of Don Woods 430 point extension [WOOD0430]"[EC] for Android. EC Consulting, Inc. 2009 EC Software
CCS__XXXCreative Computing Software's Original Adventure for Atari and TRS-80. Basic / SAM76 Atari / TRS-80 Creative Computing Software 1981 Atari Download
CONL0000"intended to be a faithful Inform 7 port of Crowther's original Colossal Cave[CROW0000]".[CO] Appears unplayably buggy. Chris Conley 2011 IF Archives
COX_0350"The original 350 points version ... converted to ... PHP."[IFA] A "PHP version of the BDS C port [POHL0350] of ... Crowther."[CX] Matt Cox IF Archives
CRAY0350An early port to CP/M; discovered in the First Osborne Group's software collection.[CR] Osborne (CP/M) Chuck Crayne ZNode51
CROW0000"The original (pre Don Woods) version of Colossal Cave Adventure, written by Will Crowther."[IFA][IFW] Will Crowther 1975 Source / Windows EXE
DAIM0350Turbo C port of POHL0350[D2] or HELL0350[DA] Daimler IF Archives
DAVI0350Known only from its Moby Games entry. Simplified version of WOOD0350 for "early browsers". Browser Andrew Daviel 1994
DEAR0000Adaptation of WITH0000 for iPod / iPhone. iPhone Robert Dea 2011 Moby Games entry
DIAZ0350Spanish translation of NELS0350.[IFA] Jose Luis Diaz 1997 IF Archives
DOVE0550"ported from a DEC PDP-11 system and converted to work with Microsoft Fortran".[DO] Seems to be a port of GOET0550. Steve Dover IF Archives
EKMA0350"Microsoft Fortran 5 port of PDP 11-70 port of WOOD0350".[D2] Don Ekman 1990 Source/DOS exe
EVIS0350Syrtis Software, published by Micro Gold (UK). A seemingly faithful port of WOOD0350".[EV] ZX Spectrum 48K Michael J. Evis 1983 World of Spectrum
FENY0350"C port of POHL0350 to Coherent".[D2] Parentage unknown. David Fenyes 1990 ftp.edu.tw
FLEI0350"iAdventure". Port of WOOD0350 to the iPad. iPad Anton Fleig 2010 Moby Games entry
FULL0000A simple g77 recompile of RUSS0000 for "some old Mac" which introduced no changes.[OD1] Macintosh Troy Fullwood IF Archive
GASI0350"AGT port of WOOD0350".[D2] David Gasior 1991 v1.4
GERA_XXX"The original Crowther and Woods ... for the Amstrad CPC 464." DuckSoft. Amstrad CPC 464 Peter Gerard 1985 None known
GERR0000A port of "Will Crowther's original Colossal Cave 'Adventure' source code [CROW0000] to Microsoft Micro Color Basic."[GE]. Microsoft Micro Color Basic TRS-80 MC-10 Jim Gerrie 2015 MC-10 Emulator with game code
GIBI0375C extension for CP/M and MS-DOS of, probably, GILL0350[GI]; commercial version by The Software Toolworks.[D2] Added the stock certificates puzzle.[?] Jim Gillogly & Walt Bilofski[D2] 1982[D2] CP/M / DOS
GILL0350"UNIX/C port of WOOD0350".[D2] Jim Gillogly IF Archives
GOET0350AKA A02. "Fortran port of BLKT0350"[D2]; Game docs say only it's a "modification of the original Adventure game floating around between CP/M users." Michael Goetz 1980 ca. IF Archives
GOET0550"Extend 0350 to include changes from PLAT0550"[D2]. Neither game docs nor in-game info specifies ancestry. In-game B00 and B01 report 550 points. Michael Goetz 1980 IF Archives
GOET0565"FORTRAN extension to PLAT0550"[D2]. Game docs don't specify ancestry. "A few early B02s were 565 pts". Ravi Bhavnani (BHAV0565) has confirmed existence of GOET0565. Mike Goetz None known
GOET0580"FORTRAN extension to GOET05651 ... Version: C01.2 JUL'93"[D2]. B03 in-game VERSIONS command: B03 and "most" B02 were 580 pts. I've not seen independent verification of a "vC01.2". Mike Goetz 1993 IF Archives
GOLD1000Macintosh port of MALM1000 Al Golden IF Archives
GRAY0375An expansion, possibly of VMCM0350, with material taken from GIBI0375, written in Six, for an IBM mainframe.[GR] Chris Gray 1980 Source
HALL0501"Port of Doug McDonald [MCDO0551]... build[ing] on top of Jerry Pohl [POHL0350]... ."[ODH] Robert R. Hall 1994 Source: here, here and here
HAMO0350"Native client" (browser) port of LUMM0350. Dom Hamon 2011 Moby Games entry
HARR0235A seemingly faithful implementation of WOOD0350, save for the reduced score. Parentage unknown. The Quill System ZX Spectrum 48K, Commodore 64 Ross Harris 1985 Download
HART0350"A port of the Original Adventure game by Crowther and Woods to Linux."[HR] Probably WOOD0350. James M. Hartley Jr. 2001 Hartley's site
HELL0350OS/2 conversion of POHL0350 (mentioned in DAIM0350 start-up screen, but not mentioned on Hartley's site). James M. Hartley Jr. None known
HOLL0350A recreation in Flash ActionScript of WELL0550, pared back to PLOT0350.[HO] Wesley Holland Play online
HOWE0301Port of WOOD0350 to the Atari. Atari Robert A. Howell 1982 None known
HUNT0000Some spelling corrections, possibly to JAEG0000.[WI] Greg Huntzinger None known
IBBO0000ANSI C standardization of POHL0350 Peter M. Ibbotson 1988 None known
IIT_0500Dalenberg has IITa0500 and IITb0500[D2], but they seem to have been no more than in-progress snapshots of something (ANON0501?) in development. None known
JACM0350"Full, complete, uncut conversion" of WOOD0350. Apple II DOS Master Jacobi 1981 None known
JACO0365Prime FORTRAN extension of WOOD0350 John Jacobsma None known
JAEG0000"BDS/C port of WOOD0350 (split score)"[D2] for the Altair 8800[JA] Jay R. Jaeger None known
JAME_XXX"This 9845 program version probably comes from a BASIC port originally distributed by L. W. James and Associates for the 9845 series. I found it on an old 9845A tape and made it available as a generic version for all members of the System 45 family."[JM] Hewlett Packard 9845 HP 9845 Project
JAZE_XXXA "CDC CYBER 74 FORTRAN" port and expansion of, possibly, WOOD0350[BE]. Tony Jarrett and Paul Zemlin None known
JONE0210AKA "Adventure 1", AKA "Colossal Caves". "Full version of the classic mainframe game". Variously published by Abersoft, Amsoft, Micro Gold, etc., for the ZX Spectrum 48K.[JO] Parentage unknown. ZX Spectrum 48K, Amstrad, BBC, Commodore, etc. John Jones-Steele 1982 Online / ROM image
KENN0000OS/2 2.x port of POHL0350. John W. Kennedy Source / Executable
KFML0700Descendant of WOOD0350, possibly written in PL/1 for an IBM mainframe.[KF] Koch, Fry, et al None known
KINA0660Amiga port of ARNA0660. C source & exe; Requires KickStart 2.04, plus Win GLK build. David Kinder Amiga: 1996 / Win: 2002 IF Archive
KIND0430Amiga port of WOOD0430. David Kinder IF Archive
KIND0550Windows GLK build of ARNA0550 Mike Arnautov 2002 None known
KINE0350Amiga port of EKMA0350. David Kinder IF Archive
KING0350Amiga port of GILL0350. David Kinder IF Archive
KINM0551Amiga port of MCDO0051. David Kinder IF Archive
KINT0350Amiga port of TICM0350. David Kinder IF Archive
KINW0550Amiga port of WELL0550. David Kinder IF Archive
KNUT0350Conversion to C/CWEB of WOOD0350 Donald E. Knuth 2003 Source / PDF
LETW0350AKA Microsoft Adventure. A commercial port of, probably, WOOD0350, released for Tandy and MS-DOS 1.0.[MS] Gordon Letwin 1979: TRS-80 / 1981: IBM TRS80 / IBM
LIDI0366FORTRAN port of SCOP0366.[OD2] Stephen O Lidie Lidie's site
LOBO0430Lobotomo Software's "graphical front-end for Don Woods' 1995 v2.5 of the original text adventure game". Macintosh 2003 Moby Games entry
LONG0500AKA Adventure 5. DEC FORTRAN IV extension of WOOD0350 (note some sources call this a 501-pt version) David Long 1979 IF Archives
LONG0551AKA Adventure 6. Mentioned in O'Dwyer's history of Long 551 as never released but, apparently, the basis for ANON0551, etc. David Long Unreleased None known
LONG0751DEC FORTRAN extension of LONG0500 David Long None known
LUMM0350Mentioned as the ancestor of HAMO0350 in a Moby Games entry. QNX 4 port and bug fix of POHL0350. James Lummel Moby Games entry
LUPI0440Fortran IV extension of WOOD0350 Peter Luckett & Jack Pike 1978 Github
MALM0350AGT port of WOOD0350 David Malmberg 1993 Source w/AGT / Source only
MALM1000Dalenberg calls MALM1000 an "AGT extension of PLAT0550 (AKA hugecave)"[D2]. O'Dwyer argues it descends from GOET0580, with material from LETW0350[MA] David Malmberg DOS / Source / Amiga
MANO_XXX"Adventure", by Max Manowski for the Atari. Atari Max Manowski 1981 Online
MAYO0350"C port (and clean-up) of CALH0000?"[D2] Scott Mayo 1992 None known
MCDO0551Fortran-77 clean-up and port of ANON0551 Doug McDonald 1990 Source / DOS / Amiga
MCGR0350"the original 350 points version ported to ZIL by Jesse McGrew, based on ealier work by Graham Nelson and Dave Baggett, with some elements of the original Fortran version restored."[IFA] Jesse McGrew 2015 Game / Source
MCGU_XXXA version for the Spectrum. Some differences noted: scoring is reported in percentages, and when dropped off in the building, most treasures "disappear down a hole for safe keeping" and can no longer be seen. Parentage unknown. Spectrum Paul McGuire 1985 World of Spectrum
MILL0551Fortran-90 port of MCDO0551 with multiple saves Alan Miller 1990 None known
MOMA_XXXSpanish (Castilian) implementation (of WOOD0350?) for the Spectrum with graphic illustrations. Spectrum, Amstrad, Commodore 64, MSX Andres Roberto Samudio Monro, Manuel Gonzalez Martinez, Carlos Marques 1989 World of Spectrum
MUNK0430Macintosh, Amiga, DOS ports of WOOD0430 Jacob Munkhammar MAC exe / Source / DOS exe
MUNO0370MS DOS PDS FORTRAN v5.10 port of WOOD0350. "MS FORTRAN extension of WOOD0350"[D2][MU]. Paul Muñoz-Colman 1996 DOS exe / DOS source
NELD0350Port to Fortran 77 of BAGG0350. Download link is currently to the unprocessed directory at IF Archive; that will change in the future. Dan Nelson 2016 IF Archive
NELS0350Inform 6 port of BAGG0350[IFA]. Graham Nelson 2006 IF Archive
NKMP0350An Inform 6 implementation of Nick Nicholas' translation of the text of NELS0350 into Lojban.[NK] Nick Nicholas, et al 2002 Z-Code
ODWY0350"A modern ANSI C port of" KNUT0350 with, per O'Dwyer, some reversions and a bug fix. Arthur O'Dwyer 2014 Github
ODWY0440"A modern ANSI C port of" LUPI0440. Arthur O'Dwyer 2014 Github
ODWY0550"A modern ANSI C port of" the data file from PLAT0550 with ARNA0550 for the 'command kernel'. Arthur O'Dwyer 2014 Github
ODWY0551"A modern ANSI C port of" MCDO0551. Arthur O'Dwyer 2014 Github
OLSS0551"DOS version of MCDO0551"[D2]. "A recompilation of MCDO0551 with no new material."[OD1] Docs: "compiled by me ... from sources published in Comp.sources.games." Magnus Olsson 1990 IF Archive
OSKA0501Port of LONG0500 to Fortran 77 Johann Gunnar Oskarsson 1990 IF Archives
PALT0350Port or recompile of WOOD0350.[PAL] Gary Palter Play online
PENN0350Recompile of NELS0350 for Inform 6.[IFA] Jason Penney 2001 Source
PICT0551"The 551-point version by David Long and an anonymous author, ported by David Picton."[PA] David Picton IF Archive
PICT0701"A 701-point version by David Picton, combining the 550-point and 551-point versions."[PA] David Picton IF Archive
PICT070+"A 701+-point version by David Picton, based on the 701-point version but with new extensions."[PA] David Picton IF Archive
PLAT0550AKA Adventure 3 and Adventure 550. "Fortran extension of WOOD0350".[D2] David Platt 1984 Source
PLON0350Recompile of NELS0350 under Glulx Inform. Andrew Plotkin 1996 IF Archives
PLOT0350"Rehost of DECUS 11-340 [SUPN0350]"; incl. Fortran-77 mods. Kent Plotkin 1994 IF Archives
POHL0350Turbo C port for MS-DOS of CALH0000 (split score) Jerry Pohl 1990 Textfiles / UNIX source / OS/2 source / OS/2 exe / DOS exe
PONT0350French translation of NELS0350 Jean-Luc Pontico 2001 IF Archive
QUES_XXXQuest Software Adventure for Kaypro II (CP/M)[QU], etc. Kaypro II, Osborne I, Xerox, Micro Design (CP/M) 1983 None known
RAMS0350Swedish translation of NELS0350 Frederik Ramsberg 2007 IF Archive
RASM0350Crowther & Woods' Colossal Cave converted to Megamax C for Atari-ST. Based on CALH0000, possibly PLOT0350, and a third, unidentified source.[RS] Marvin W. Rasmussen IF Archive / Disk image / Moby Games entry
RICH0500Parentage uncertain. Originally known only from a discussion in rec.games.int-fiction[RI], the original source has now apparently been found by "Tom A., who cleaned it up for compilation under FreePascal. George Richmond 1979 GitHub
ROBB0350Dutch translation of NELS0350 Yuri Robbers 2002 IF Archive
RODR0350"iColossal Cave Adventure" iPhone Juan del Valle Rodríguez 2010 App Store
ROGE0350ADRIFT port of NELS0350 Nick Rogers 2006 None known
RUSS0000Fortran-77 modification of CROW0000.[RU] Matthew Russotto 2007 IF Archive
RUTE0350iPod/iPhone port of WOOD0350 with voice recognition input. Richard Rutenberg 2010 Moby Games entry
SCBA0350A Bit Better Software's "Adventure" Apple 1980 None known
SCOP0366Conversion of SUPN0350 to SCOPE by "R. Emerson, W. Wirth, S. Hobson, W. Hein, S. Connard", et al. R. Emerson, W. Wirth, et al. Source: here and here
SLOA0350Partial advsys port of WOOD0350 Bob Sloane None known
SMIT0350Windows port of WOOD0350 to the SUDS environment. Windows SUDS Matthew Smith 2007
SOLO0350Microsoft Fortran port of WOOD0350 Alan Solomon None known
STAD0550"The 550-point extended version by David Platt, ported by Bennett Standeven."[PA] Bennett Standeven IF Archive
STAD0580"The 580-point extended version by Mike Goetz, ported by Bennett Standeven."[PA] Bennett Standeven IF Archive
STAN0350GINAS port of NELS0350 Jeff Standish 1995 IF Archive
STAN1000Version 2.0 is an Apple iOS port of MALM1000[iAS]. For v1.0 see STAN_XXX Shawn Stanley 2008 / 2009 Apple App Store
STAN_XXXiOS App Store description suggests a port of WOOD0350,[iAS]. Moby Games suggests a port of NELS0350. See also STAN1000. Shawn Stanley 2010 / 2014 Apple App Store
STRO0550Combined DOS/Win version of WELL0550 Wolfgang Strobl 1992 None known
SUPN0350Fortran IV port of BLKT0350[SU] Fortran IV[SU]PDP 11/03[SU] Bob Supnik 1978[SU] IF Archives
TESS0350Hugo port of NELS0350 Kent Tessman If Archives
TICM0350Fortran-77 port of SUPN0350; aka DECUS Release 4 Linards Ticmanis 1998; updated 2001 IF Archive
UCLA0365UCLA extension to WOOD0350.[UC] None known
VANE0560"Derives primarily from MCDO0551 with a little bit of content borrowed from PLAT0550 or later and a little bit of original content. It is written in Intel Fortran 2008."[VA] Intel FORTRAN 2008 Neal Van Eck 2011 Binary / Source
VMCM0350"PL/1 port of WOOD0350 for VM/CMS."[D2][VM] Unknown[D2] Here and here. Now here.
WALT0350Inform extension to WOOD0350; added Enchanter-style spells Jay Walton 1997 None known
WELL0550UNIX/C port of PLAT0550 Ken Wellsch 1985 Source / DOS/Win / Amiga / Mac
WHIN0450MS VC 6.0 port of POHL0350; optional 400/450 pt levels. Win32 console mode. Al Whinery 2007 IF Archive
WITB0000Microsoft C 5.1 port of WITH0000.[WI] Bob Withers 1990 IF Archive
WITH0000"Eco-C88 port of JAEG0000"[D2] or HUNT0000[WI]. Bob Withers 1985 None known
WONG0350Conversion to Forth of WOOD0350 Leo Wong 2002 None known
WOOD0350Extension and Fortran 10 port of CROW0000 Don Woods 1977 Ver. 1 / Ver. 2
WOOD0430Aka Adventure 2.5. "C extension of WOOD0350"[D2]. Don Woods 1995 Source / DOS / Amiga
YONG_XXXThe Moby Games entry calls this an adaptation of a "48k Spectrum version of ... Crowther", to Intelligent-Design's .NET UI, but with some things removed. C.Yong 2006 IF Archive


[AR] Mike Arnautov's website.
[BA] Opening screen of BAGG0350.
[BE] From the source code of BECK0500: "The history of this version of Adventure has been lost, and I am unable to credit the originator. This program was converted to UCSD Pascal from a PL/1 version found on our local computer system. This version was obviously converted from a Fortran version (it said so in the comments) but any history was not indicated. ... Extended by Ted Beck. The changes to make the 500-point version were converted from a CDC CYBER 74 FORTRAN program written by Tony Jarrett and Paul Zemlin. It in turn was modified from an early DEC PDP-11 FORTRAN version of Adventure." Pending discovery of additional information, I am tentatively identifying the "PL/1 version ... converted from a Fortran version" with VMCM0350, as no other PL/1 version (save KFML0700) is currently known; and the "early DEC PDP-11 FORTRAN version" with WOOD0350. The game docs include a further note: "Some bugs fixed by George Schreyer", so some argument might be made that this should be designated SHCR0500. But unless a few bug fixes prove significant historically, there seems no real reason. Note that no dates are indicated in the docs.
[BH] At his web page Ravi describes BHCH0565 as a rewrite of a 565-pt Platt version, and BHAV0565 as a DOS port of BHCH0565. Conversely, the BHCH0565 docs describe it as a port of GOET0565. However, there is reason to doubt those accounts. First, there is no known Platt 565-pt version. Second, while BHAV0565 shares all the content of PLAT0550/GOET0550, the content it adds beyond those is altogether different from the extended content of GOET0565. It seems best, therefore, to surmise BHCH0565 descended independently either from PLAT0550 or from GOET0550 In private email conversation, Ravi has confirmed the existence of GOET0565 and that that BHAV0565 is an "exact repro[duction]" of it. He also says he has found the source code of his Windows version and will shortly make it available.
[BL] README file packed with adv350kb.zip obtained from the Interactive Fiction Archives.
[BR] See the README file packaged with the source. Also see Russel Dahlenberg's post. That BREE_XXX is descended from BLKT0350 is presumed from the comment "MODIFIED BY KENT BLACKETT" in the README.
[BU] Description accompanying the BUTT_XXX downloadable files at the Interactive Fiction Archives.
[CA] L.C. Calhoun's notes accompanying the source code for CALH0000.
[CO] Note in the source file for CONL0000 obtained from the Interactive Fiction Archives.
[CR] Found on Volume 61 of the First Osborne Group's software collection, without source or documentation. The only identifying information is the message "THIS VERSION IMPLEMENTED BY CHUCK CRAYNE - FEEDBACK REQUESTED" which appears when answering YES to the initial "Would you like news?" question.
[CX] The README file packed with COX_0350.
[D1] Russel Dalenberg's "Adventure Family Tree" chart.
[D2] Russel Dalenberg's "Versions and Ports of Adventure known to exist". (Archived here.)
[DA] Opening screen of DAIM0350 credits Crowther --> Woods --> Jaeger --> Pohl --> Heller, reading, "OS/2 Conversion by Martin Heller - Conversion to TurboC 2.0 by Daimler.
[DB] See the Delphi Forums discussion, and the DOSTips forum discussion.
[DO] While the docs packaged with the game say only "This game of Adventure was ported from a DEC PDP-11 system and converted to work with Microsoft Fortran," the in-game NEWS response is identical to GOET0550.
[EC] EC Consulting's web page for CARM0430. Also Moby Games.
[EV] Syrtis Software port of, apparently, WOOD0350. Author, Michael Evis. See the World of Spectrum entry.
[GE] On 30 Oct '15 Gerrie posted a message in the comments section for Adventure over at IFDB: "For Retrochallenge 2015 I ported Will Crowther's original Colossal Cave "Adventure" source code to Microsoft Micro Color Basic. ... I re-coded the program from the Fortran source code and data file of Will Crowther's original version of 'Advent' for the PDP-10 recently recovered from an old back-up tape by Dennis Jerz. This is not the classic '350 point' version modified by Don Woods." The link was to a ZIP file which included an MC-10 (the TRS-80 MC-10 was a low-cost Tandy machine which sold briefly in the early '80s) emulator written apparently for Windows 95/98, but which still runs under Wine on Linux. To play, launch the emulator, type CLOAD, hit ENTER, then select File/Play cassette file... and navigate to cassette/JimG/COLOSSAL.C10. Then type RUN and hit ENTER.
[GI] Per Rick Adams' "A History of Adventure", "Jim Gillogly ... spent several weeks in 1976 porting" WOOD0350 "into C for UNIX. ... Gillogly later ported the code to Heathkit and then IBM-PC personal computers with the help of Walt Bilofsky." GIBI0375, then, seems clearly to be a child of GILL0350. See also the MOCAGH entry.
[GR] GRAY0375 was written for an adventure game system called Six/Fant, a system developed by Chris Gray himself, which ran on an IBM mainframe under VTMS. The author recalls in private emails working from a PL/1 source, which I am assuming was VMCM0350 because I am unaware of any other PL/1 version at the time. Though the source code bears a date of 1980, it clearly has borrowed additional material from GIBI0375, which was not released until 1982. More information is available on Gray's site.
[HA] "The History of Adventure" by "Ima Wimp", aka Doug McDonald. Regarding the ANON0551 controversy, O'Dwyer argues[OD1] the confusion stems from the assertion in HA that "The castle problem was added in late 1984 by an anonymous writer," which he considers simply a self-deprecating self-reference by McDonald. Others (e.g., [PA]) erred, O'Dwyer argues, in accepting McDonald's assertion at face value.
[HO] From an email from Wesley Holland to Arthur O'Dwyer, dated 15 May 2016: "I had a copy of ... Plotkin's 350-point version (PLOT0350)." Deciding to reimplement it in flash ("as an exercise to learn ActionScript"), he went looking for source code, and discovered WELL0550. " I pulled the descriptions from there ... making a handful of small changes along the way as necessary to conform with the 350-point map."
[HR] See the README file packaged with the source code.
[IFA]The Interactive Fiction Archives.
[IFW]IFWiki's Adventure page.
[iAS]The iOS App Store.
[JA] If-legends.org
[JM] Not much is known about parentage or authorship. The game itself comes in a .hpi package, which apparently is a virtual floppy image for use with HPDrive and an ISA interface board which allows connecting a real HP 9845 computer to a Windows-based PC to utilize the PC as a mass storage device. This is not an emulator, but requires a working 9845. I have not located any HP 9845 emulators, let alone one that would load and run this image. Much further information is available at The HP 9845 Project website.
[JO] MOCAGH. TZX Vault. CPC History. MobyGames. 8BS. Wikipedia. EMU Paradise. IF Legends. ZX-81 Stuff. World of Spectrum. Personal correspondence with John Elliot revealed the total score of 210 pts. In particular, it eliminates geography-based scoring, and the two points WOOD0350 gave for discovering the treasure. John's discussion of this version, together with lots of technical details, is at Seasip.
[KD] David Kinder's Guide to Adventure Downloads at the Interactive Fiction Archive.
[KF] See Dalenberg's 2009 rec.arts.int-fiction enquiry. Not a direct child of WOOD0350, based on the game credits. "KFML" are taken from names credited: Koch, Fry, Moe, Mackey, Markow and Logan.
[MA] [OD1] (May 1, 2016) notes that MALM1000 has a "Software Den" identical to LETW0350's, and so supposes Malmberg drew it from that source. In an email of 24 May '16 he asserts, "MALM1000 definitely contains versions of all of GOET0580's innovations", while noting some of the GOET0580 material was imperfectly reproduced, speculating Malmberg may have been working from memory.
[MS] The instruction manual claims, "you have the complete version of the original Adventure. Nothing has been left out of the original DEC version." Filfre.net says it is "a slavishly faithful port of the original, minus only such PDP-centric niceties as 'cave hours,'", claims "the original’s external data file simply copied over to a TRS-80 floppy," and says "Microsoft Adventure is such a perfect clone of the original that it is now the ideal choice of anyone who wants to experience said original in as authentic a form as possible without building a whole virtual PDP-10... ." The in-game help screen says, "This is a complete version of the original M.I.T. * A D V E N T U R E *". Letwin made a few minor additions, the Software Den and two clues: Reading the Spelunker Today yields, "ADDRESSED TO WITT'S END", and to the description of "Breath-Taking View" is added, “WORDS OF FIRE, APPARENTLY HANGING IN AIR, SAY ‘PLOVER.'” See also Moby Games and The Internet Archive. Trivia: this was the first game ever released for MS-DOS.
[NK] NKMP0350 source code.
[OD1]Private correspondence with Arthur O'Dwyer consisting of a number of emails between 2014 and the present. Sorry, no link. That's why it's called "private" :-)
[OD2]A Delphi Forums discussion from May, 2015.
[ODH]O'Dwyer's README for HALL0501, available at his Github site.
[ODM]O'Dwyer's README for MCDO0551, available at his Github site.
[PA] TADS PolyAdventure is six different variants rolled into a single package: BAGG0350, STAD0550, STAD0580, ANON0551 (or possibly LONG0551), PICT0701 and PICT070+. Descriptions are taken from the opening screen.
[PAL]There are several mentions of Gary Palter, particularly from Dalenberg and in the source code for GRAY0375. No source code has to date been discovered. The game can be played online, and seems to behave identically to WOOD0350.
[RA] ADAM0350 welcome screen reads: Original development by Willie Crowther; Major features added by Don Woods Conversion to BDS C by J. R. Jaeger; Unix standardization by Jerry D. Pohl; Conversion to PHP by Matt G. S. Cox; Adapted for AMC.com by Rick Adams
[RS] RASM0350 was an attempt to reproduce as authentically as possible the original Crowther and Woods version at a time when the original sources were still lost. It claims to be based on three versions, CALH0000, an "ISIS-II FORTRAN-77 version" based on WOOD0350 and BLKT0350, and "A FORTRAN version believed to be for a mini-computer (maybe Harris)" (see Moby Games). There is currently no known FORTRAN 77 port of BLKT0350; however, PLOT0350 is a FORTRAN 77 port of SUPN0350, a child of BLKT0350. The third source is completely unknown.
[RI] On 8/11/15 "Tom A" posted a query on rec.arts.int-fiction describing "an old game I played in the early 80's on a CDC NOS machine. Called ADVENTP, it was very similar to ADVENT (the original Adventure). The interesting thing was that it was written in Pascal... ." He had a hard copy of the source code, which read: "ADVENTURE IN PASCAL - MARCH 1979" and "WRITTEN BY GEORGE H. RICHMOND ... AND THE UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO COMPUTING CENTER". Another poster found corroborating evindence in the form of a letter by Richmond published the Sept. '79 issue of Pascal News: ""In my spare time, I have worked on ... a version of Adventure written in PASCAL. The original work was done on a CDC machine using the Release 2 Zurich compiler. Then I transported it to an IBM machine using our modified AAEC compiler. The IBM operating system is MVS with TSO."
[RU] Matt Russotto's site. Also see his rec.arts.int-fiction announcement.
[SB] Moby Games entry. Downloads of various Spectrum images are available here, where CRL Group PLC is listed as the publisher, and one Ian Ellery is listed as a co-auther along with St. Bride's School. Aside from the added graphics, this does not appear to be a very faithful implementation. The program introduces itself with, "Hi. I'm Trixie, spelunk me." And while you start in front of the well house building, the door is locked. "SCORE" command reports "You have £0,000 two shillings and fourpence three-farthings. A smart spelunker can make £131,000 in part 1." And the game is full of Britishisms such as "You jolly well can't." Per private email from John Elliot, this is intended as a parody.
[SU] The adv350kp.zip IF Archive download includes two archives. One, RT11SRC, is the source to SUPN0350 and contains ADVENT.DOC, which says, "This version of Adventure is based on two previous versions: A Fortran-10 version done by Willie Crowther and Don Woods. A Fortran-IV-Plus version done by Kent Blackett." These should be WOOD0350 and BLKT0350.
[UC] Mentioned in [D2]. Dalenberg provides more information in his 2009 rec.arts.int-fiction enquiry.
[UP] Known from the download page for the Z80pack emulator system. Source code awaits extraction and examination from the provided disk image.
[?] Source of the information is unknown.
[VA] From a private email from Arthur O'Dwyer, dated 13 July 2016.
[VM] While source to a 350-pt VM/CMS PL/1 port was recently rediscovered and placed online, there is no certainty in identifying it with either Dalenberg's VMCM0350, or the PL/1 version mentioned in the credits for BECK0500. All three are presumed to be the same only because there is no information that any other PL/1 port existed at that early date. O'Dwyer also thinks this may be descended not directly from WOOD0350, but from one of the Fortran ports because, like them, it lacks both the cave hours and wizard mode.
[WI] Documentation included with the download of WITB0000. The History notes do not confirm [D2]'s claim that this was a port of JAEG0000. They begin in 1982 with Greg Huntzinger, who claims only to have corrected some spelling errors in some of the data files. Huntzinger doesn't specify his source is, so parentage is unknown. The JAEG0000 source is lost, so no comparison can be done. In 1985, Bob Withers ported the code to the Eco-88 compiler. That code is also apparently lost. In 1990 he ported the Eco-88 code to Microsoft C. Based on [D2]'s claim, then, I am positing JAEG0000 --> HUNT0000 --> WITH0000 --> WITB0000.


Universal350: my in-progress attempt to build a universal walkthrough that works for all known 350-pt. variants.
Russel Dalenberg's Adventure Family Tree. (Russel's site and cached)
Russel Dalenberg's "Versions and ports of Adventure known to exist". (Russel's site and cached)
Russel Dalenberg's 2009 rec.arts.int-fiction enquiry looking for lost versions of Adventure. I've added of few from this list to the tree, those with something more substantive than just someone saying, "Anyone remember a 672-point version?"
David Jerz's rec.arts.int-fiction announcement on 8/11/07 of the rediscovery of the original Crowther code, together with Matt Russotto's announcement of his update to compile under g77.
Rick Adams' "A History of Adventure".
David Kinder's Guide to Adventure Downloads.
Somewhere Nearby is Colossal Cave: Examining Will Crowther's Original Adventure in Code and in Kentucky. Everyone knows Crowther based Adventure on his caving experiences in Bedquilt Cavern in Kentucky. How closely does the game match reality? Dennis G. Jerz answers the question definitively.


BAF's Guide to the IF Archive
Russel Dalenberg.
Arthur O'Dwyer: Arthur is responsible for several ports in this chart, and has been extensively researching the history of several branches of the Adventure tree. Much information has come from him. Thanks!

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